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DeconGroupis a group of youngcompaniesspecialized in buyingbuildings, bothhomes and buildingsforsubsequentrehabilitation, generatinganincrease in value of theseassets.

Thecorevalues ​​as a group are:

  • Commitmenttoourownwork and ourcustomers. In thedevelopment of ouractivityweselfwedemandhighspeed and qualityeveryday.
  • Seriousness, transparency and honesty in allourrelationships and throughoutthedevelopment of operations.
  • Closeness and proximity of dealingwithallourcustomers and partnersgeneratethenecessaryconfidence in ourprojects.


DeconGroupisformedby a young and dynamicteam of greatfreshnessthatpermeatesallprojectsdeveloped.

Allprofessionalswho are DeconGroup, both industrial and technical, administrative and commercial, accumulatedextensiveexperience and training in the real estate sector both in terms of investment and reform.

Itisanentrepreneurialteamcommittedtotheproject. Trust what he does and so conveys in hiswork.